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Theatre / Opera

Lady Winderemere's Fan - FANS - Shane Cullinan
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Composition of music, lyrics and text for Musical Theatre

and Opera.

Incidental music , songs and arrangements for plays and other

live-performance based projects. 

Recent theatre projects have included:

The Songs Of Peterloo (2019) -     Composer / Songwriter          

                                                        Directed by Carolyn O'Brien

                                                        Manchester Central Library 


Lady Windermere's Fan (2018) -  Composer and Musical Director.

                                                        Producers Classic Spring. Directed by Kathy Burke.

                                                        Vaudeville Theatre, London

The Pieta (2017) -                          Orchestral Drama featuring Frances Barber & Claire O'Brien.

                            Royal Northern College of Music & St James, Piccadilly. 

                            Shortlisted for British Composer Awards. (video excerpts below)

The Shame Chorus (2016) -         Commission by Freud Museum in collaboration with Jordan McKenzie.

Urban Culture Project (2013) -    Composer for the Urban Culture Project, a youth project in partnership with                                                                            Head of Education for The Royal Opera House. 

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