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Tonic Fold is a collective of musicians created to record and perform the pop/rock songwriting arm of Shane Cullinan's portfolio. 

Shane is the composer and leader of the award winning 30 piece Experimental Orchestra.

They have three studio albums to their credit; the most recent 'The Violent Language of Portraits' features a roster of phenomenal guest artists that includes actress Kathy Burke , vocalist David McAlmont and west-end star Rachel Tucker.

Rendering pop and rock sensibilities with dramatic orchestral arrangements, Tonic Fold straddle both the classical and contemporary world with dexterity, creating songs that are simultaneously cinematic and raw. Vibrant, emotionally charged and carefully layered.

Individually, Tonic Fold’s members have worked with The Divine Comedy, Beth Orton, English National Opera, KT Tunstall, Paul McCartney, London Symphony Orchestra, Florence & The Machine, Rod Stewart, Paul Weller, to name a few.

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